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February 4, 2019 Meeting

April 2, 2019

South Atlanta Civic League

Meeting Minutes

Monday, February 4, 2019 6:30p

Josh Noblitt called the meeting to order.

South Atlanta neighbors shared points of community pride. Several homes in the neighborhood are being built and/or renovated bringing new neighbors into the community.

Shonte Press requested that her property at 72 Hardwick be rezoned as a preliminary step to splitting the lot in two and building two homes. The lot was originally two lots, but was merged roughly a decade ago. She distributed site plans among meeting attendees and welcomed questions and discussion. Kimberlee Jones motioned the rezoning be permitted, and Kristen Brown seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

SACL reviewed proposed zoning changes as a continuation of the year-long master planning process. All zoning changes were in accordance with the master plan which was created with broad community involvement and support. A representative from the City of Atlanta presented the proposed zoning changes to the SACL. Neighbors discussed how the proposed changes would support density and affordable housing. The city representative reviewed the entire process of approval which would conclude in April 2019. Chris McCord motioned that the rezoning be approved as presented and Dana seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Josh Noblitt led the process to elect new officers who would also serve on the Executive Board for 2019 and 2020. The Executive Board is empowered to make decisions on behalf of the SACL between meetings. The nominations were:

  • President – Kimberlee Jones
  • Vice President – Tanisha Corporal
  • Treasurer – Kristen and Aiden Brown
  • Secretary – Krista Gill
  • Assistant Secretary – Geri Colvert
  • Parliamentarian – no nominations

Russell Hopson made a motion that all nominees be approved as slated. James Baptist seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Russell Hopson thanked Josh Noblitt and all other officers for their time serving the neighborhood.

Chris McCord provided an update on NPU-Y, highlighting the need for neighborhood support. Several properties are seeing NPU approval to renew their liquor licences including the QT Foods at 1637 Lakewood Ave, 3 Way at 1695 Pryor Rd, and Little Bear at 1660 Jonesboro Rd. He encouraged all to attend the NPU-Y meeting on February 18th at 7pm.

Sheryl Bennet delivered a flier inviting neighbors to celebrate gas tank removal and environmental remediation at J’s gas station. The City of Atlanta and Invest Atlanta is paying for gas tank removal and remediation. The celebration will be on February 11th at 10am.

Katie Delp invited neighbors to support local entrepreneurs by attending Start:ME’s pitch night on February 14th 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Attendees will provide helpful insight to entrepreneurs.

Josh Noblitt shared his gratitude for his time serving as President of the South Atlanta Civic League highlighting the master plan and Sonoco clean up as major points of pride. He also stated his intent to lead neighborhood hospitality efforts and thanked all officers for their service.

Josh Noblitt closed the meeting.


Community Pride

Three homes being renovated in the south side of the neighborhood near the post office.

Ron Clarke spotlighted in Super Bowl.

New house on Brown Ave. and one new house being built.

Reno on Lakewood Ave.

Community Reports

Police not able to come because of Super Bowl.

Elected Officials – fliers from county commissioner from District 5

Nan Orrock coming possibly.

Cheryl Bennett – works w carla smith. She gave a flier about feb 11th at 10am celebration tank removal and environmental remediation. City and invest Atlanta is paying for it.

Code enforcement – Rick Sakaske not here

Beautification – Chis McCord no updates

Community business

Neighborhood re-zoning process – City of Atlanta/Josh Noblitt

  • Lori is here from city. Final step of master plan. Plan is now part of city policy and next step is to approve zoning variation. Brought board showing transitional height plane. Distributed packed that was legislation introduced by carla smith. Rezoning proposal for areas in master plan. Lori reviewed previous decisions regarding zoning. Votes were taken at jan 14th meeting at mt. pleasant baptist church. Dates have been widely publicised and we have remained on schedule all the way through. Voting tonight then npu feb 15 zoning review march 7 or 14 zoning committee march 27 city council april 15 then mayor has 8 days to sign into legislation. Questions?
  • Low income housing? Yes. any zoning categories still allow zoning categories. Additional density will help stimulate affordable housing.
  • Development in lower corner of neighborhood will be affordable housing.
  • Design guidelines leading to more active streetscape leading to more positive development.
  • Jim Wehner – property owner. Happy with zoning from master plan. Developer will help deal with the slope challenges. Building a mixed use majority low income. Multiple buildings. Civic league will have an opportunity to review all drawings. Transforming kudzu to rental. Triplexes and quads. Majority low income rental. Meldon, hardwick, bowen, turman. Needed MR-3 to allow enough units. Without the conditions, MR-3 says you can go 8 stories. If FCS fell out of ownership developer could do 8 stories. Right next to Price MS. 60 ft limit (3 or 4 stories). FCS has 18 years in the neighborhood. And is operated by neighbors.
  • Carla smith reviewed to ensure that the rezoning meets the intent of the master plan and it does.
  • Beltline overlay – some parking restrictions and design requirements. Relaxing of parking requirements to encourage pedestrians.
  • Motion to approve rezoning as approved chris and dana seconded. Unanimously passed.

2019-2020 Officer Elections – Josh Noblitt

  • President – Kimberly Jones
  • Vice President – Tanisha Corporal
  • Treasurer – Kristen and Aiden
  • Secretary – Krista Gill
  • Assistant Secretary – Geri Colvert
  • Parliamentarian – Kim Bego (did not accept nomination) Kimberly will appoint someone and that will be brought before the body next month to ratify.
  • All positions make up Exec Board and it is empowered to make decisions on behalf of SACL between meetings
  • Russell moved to pass as slated, James Baptist seconded. No further discussion, passed unanimously.
  • Russell commended Josh’s role as president and all other serving officers

Zoning Application – 72 Hardwick – Shonte Press

  • Came in january to introduce zoning variance. Father owns lot at hardwick and bowen. Previously two lots but combined into one. Would like to build two homes so need to subdivide lot and needs rezoning to do that. Distributed site plans. And welcomed questions. The lots will be split the way they were before. Merged 8 or 9 years ago. Motion to accept from Kim and seconded by Kristen (?). Passed unanimously.

Community Forum

  • NPU-Y update Chris McCord – feb 18 meeting 7pm. Looking at plan for SA. three gas stations going in. chevron is trying to rear its head again so please come. Numbers shout loud and positive messages. ZRB board??? Flood of requests for liquor license because mayor is letting it expire. Qt food 1637 lakewood, 3 way 1695 pryor rd, little bear 1660 jonesboro rd.
  • Katie delp – Start:ME program focusing on entreprenuers. Feb 14 pitch night for customers. Hear pitch and provide feedback. In community room 6-8pm. Eventbrite link katie is sending out or get in touch with her.
  • Josh noblitt- honor to serve as president for past 5 years. Proud of work on master plan and it is going to serve us for decades. Sonoco clean up. Would like to head up hospitality initiatives for neighbors going through rough times. Thanked all officers for their service.

Josh closed meeting.

Dates to Remember

Tuesday, Feb 28 – NPU-Y monthly meeting

John Birdine Neighborhood Center

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