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Meeting Minutes – November 2016

November 12, 2016

South Atlanta Civic League

November 7, 2016

Call to Order by Josh Noblitt. The body paused for a moment of reflection.

Community Pride – Rick Sakaske reported that 25 tires that had been dumped were picked up. Thanks so the person who did it. Michelle Witherspoon reported that Treat Street was a huge success. Chris McCord that the new principal at Carver HS has been more present in the community than past leaders. Ressie Rockmore reported that the 3on3 basketball tournament last month was a success and encouraged neighbors to reach out to the young men in the community more. Geri Colvard applauded the group of neighbors who have been praying for the community on the first Sundays of the month.

Community Reports

Police Reports – APD Representative Sgt. Dillon reported on last month’s crime. Chris McCord asked about a police chase that took place last week. Sgt. Dillon said he would get back with more details. Ms. Wilder shared that Blackshear Senior Housing is having break ins. Josh Noblitt commented on the excessive ATV traffic. Sgt. Dillon explains APD’s approach to dealing with the ATVs. Kim Bego reported that a young man with a gun had been shooting on Martin Avenue in the beginning of October.

Local Elected Officials – Sheryl Bennett from Carla Smith’s Office encouraged everyone to vote tomorrow. Scrap Tire Drive will be soon. Tires can go to CHARM any Saturday.

Committee Reports

Beautification – Chris McCord has a trailer for tire pick up. Let him know if there are tires that need to get picked up. Chris reported on the lawn mowers he purchased with SACL grant. He was able to get 4 lawn mowers from Home Depot.

Code Enforcement – Rick Sakaske reported on that 62 Meldon will be demolished in the next 14 days. 58 Meldon is in process with the city as well.

Socono Task Force – Crystal Faison reported on the committee’s meetings with the management of Sonoco. Sonoco has been keeping the property cleaner than in the past. They are trying to clean 3 times a day as well as some of the surrounding streets. The committee has asked Sonoco to more capital improvements. Sonoco has agreed to a new fence to be installed by the end of November. Sonoco says they will continue to make improvements. If residents see trash piling up again, please reach out to Josh or the committee.

Community Business

Treat Street Re-Cap – Katie Delp reported on Treat Street’s success.

Christmas Party – The SACL December meeting be our annual potluck and Christmas party at St. Paul AME Church on Pryor Road. Neighbors are asked to sign up to bring a dish and to help with set up or clean up. Contact Michelle Witherspoon if you have questions.

Community Forum

Russell Hopson – NPU nomination and elections are next month. Russell will be running for President again. He encouraged more South Atlanta attendance at NPU meetings. NPU will have a holiday party after the December NPU meeting.

Katie Delp – the Friends of South Atlanta Park has received some funds for new trash cans and bulletin board in the park.

Joyce Wideman – the Bethlehem Senior Center has closed. The seniors are working to get the center re-opened. They are talking with Fulton County. Ms. Wideman brought a petition for residents to sign to keep the center open. Josh Noblitt will write a letter on behalf of SACL, and Russell Hopson will write a letter on behalf of NPU-Y.

Ron Clark Academy will be hosting their annual Christmas party on December 3rd at 6pm. The party is open to the community.

Dan Crain announced that a group of neighbors pray the first Friday evening of each month.

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