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Meeting Minutes – September 2016

September 12, 2016

September 12, 2016

Call to Order – Josh Noblitt

Moment of Reflection

Community Pride

  • Renovation on Brown
  • South Atlanta Striders Wednesdays at 5:30am in the Carver Parking lot
  • Chris’ mom passed and South Atlanta showed up to care for him
  • Sherika organized Back-to-school rally – great turnout; call to expand to Slater next year
  • Renovation on Jonesboro Rd.
  • Kickball was great!

Community Reports

APD Representative – Officer Ferguson

  • Car break-ins are a big issue, predominately for items left in car.
  • Jonesboro/Lakewood  intersection is an issue
  • ATVs are a problem, kids are getting hurt and dying. They have a no chase policy, but if you call they will come out.
  • Gun activity on Dorothy seems to be related to drug activity and territories.

Committee Reports

Beautification – Chris McCord

  • Likely a dumpster 1st weekend of October
  • Friends of South Atlanta Park gaining momentum to gain funding for park. They are doing a work day this Saturday 9/17 at 8:30am to mulch a few trees and pick up some trash. Home Depot coming soon to do some major clean-up of underbrush.

Code Enforcement – Rick Sakaske

  • Researching a couple homes on Meldon and Gammon
  • Attending the upcoming meeting for possible bus route changes; contact him for more information
  • Contact Rick for a ride to early voting, if interested

Community Business

Kickball Re-cap – Josh Noblitt

  • Shifted from a fundraising model to a community game of kickball
  • Great weather, free food, DJ, 4 teams

Sonoco Committee – Crystal Fiason

  • Appointed task force to interface with Sonoco
  • 2 meetings thus far, and deciding on measure to hold them accountable
  • Met with plant manager and a manager from another site to voice concerns
  • Next meeting in two weeks and we’re putting in request to meet with corporate leaders
  • Positive response, and committee is eager to see action

Progressive Dinner – September 24 – James Baptiste

  • Start at Kimberly’s house with cocktails and appetizers, and then have a course at each different house: soup course at Tiffany Blake’s house, salad course at Quezada’s house, main course at Ciho’s house, and deserts at Goolsby’s house.
  • SACL subsidizes main course, and we ask participants to bring a dish for one of the other courses. You can sign up with James.

Treat Street – October 30 – Katie Delp

  • This year will be at the park on the tennis courts.
  • Committee forming. If you’d like to join, talk to Katie.
  • We need volunteers to work game booths.
  • We also need candy donations.
  • Haunted House is an area we need help. Talk to Josh.
  • 5pm – 7pm



Community Forum


Meth “entrepreneurs” have left the community!

Beltline “Southside Design” Mtg – Sept 13 at 6:30 pm – 8 pm in Community Grounds. They are exploring where to build “vertical connections,” or places where you can access the Beltline.

Local realtor here to feel out the neighborhood. Fiance wants to move to Atlanta.

Moving in the Spirit has moved to the Old Fourth Ward. Kids between 3-18 open to youth development through dance, they are actively recruiting new students.

NPU-Y September 19 at John Berdine


Meeting adjourned.

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