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Meeting Minutes – March 2016

March 8, 2016

March 7, 2016

Call to Order – Chris McCord

Community Pride

  • Lots of neighbors working to clean up the community
  • Local gardens and food organizations

Community Reports

Police Representative – David Ferguson

  • Keep an eye on chilly cars being stolen in the morning with keys inside
  • Shed break-ins happening in Grant Park, so call if people are walking around with garden/construction equipment
  • Some changes have happened regarding tires and transportation needs permitting and tires should be marked
  • Support of the foot beat, officers parking at gas station in Lakewood

Candidate for GA House District 59 – Janine Brown

  • If you make $54,000 or less, you can get free electronic filing; call 211 to ask

Commissioner Harrington’s Office – Jimmy Jones

  • Great weekend at Black History film festival
  • Presented schedule of 2016 District Dialogues
  • Responded to question regarding relocation of Bethlehem Senior Center

Sheryl for Councilperson Carla Smith

  • Earth Day events coming up April 23
  • Streets Alive – April 17 – coming through District 1

Committee Reports


  • Ramping up for clean-ups; if you see tires, pile them up and call Chris to store in his backyard until the April 23
  • Planning a dumpster before kickball


  • Samantha Scully organizing
  • May 7 date
  • If you are interested in becoming a captain, you can sign up on the website later this week
  • samantha @

Bylaws Change – tabled until April meeting

Code Enforcement – Rick Sakaske

  • 104 Bisbee – working to change ownership to Charis, but title searched revealed
  • 127 Thirkheld – Burned down house given to demo company and is coming down
  • 77 Bisbee – delayed in demo, but city is moving forward

Community Forum

Senior Center is closing up and needs to be secured.

Georgia Voter Tax Survey to limit how much housing taxes can increase annually

Atlanta Taco Festival – May 1

Meeting Adjourned


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