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Meeting Minutes – January 2016

January 5, 2016

Josh Noblitt called the meeting to order with a moment of reflection.

Community Pride

  • Paintings and neighborhood artwork
  • Pride for Parents Christmas toy drive
  • Christmas celebration at Gateway Center
  • Cleanups happening near Smoky’s
  • New neighbors in December – welcomed 3 first time SACL attendees

Community Reports

Police Representative

  • Most crimes in December were in Villages at Carver and involving juveniles
  • Question regarding building/renovations happening without permits

Commissioner Harrington’s Office – Jimmy Jones

  • Sharing recent events (ie. Dads, Daughters, and Dolls)
  • Upcoming: Black History essay content and events coming in February

City Council Pres Ceasar Mitchell – Terrance Wilson, Community Engagement Coordinator

  • Introducing himself (first meeting)
  • Contact: 404.330.6052 (office) 804.247.0021 (Terrance’s cell)
  • 311 is a resource to call for city services

Councilperson Carla Smith

  • “Blue bin” recycling has been found to not be recycling glass. Utilize the CHARM Center on Hill Street for recycling: glass, styrofoam, and more.

Committee Reports

Beautification – Chris McCord

  • Neighbors on south side of neighborhood (Bowen/Turman) organizing local clean up on January 23.
  • April 23 will be Earth Day Tire Round-up – Keep an eye out or set aside tires

Code Enforcement – Rick Sakaske

  • 77 Bisbee will be demolished
  • 127 Thirkield will be demolished
  • 104 Bisbee – Rick is attending mtg tomorrow, Charis is hoping to acquire.


Community Business

2016 Overview – Josh Noblitt

  • Jan 23 – Cleanup happening 9-11am at Hardwick & Bowen
  • March – Pancake Breakfast in March
  • April 23 – Earth Day Tire Cleanup
  • April/May – Kickball Tournament
  • August – Progressive Dinner
  • October – Treat Street
  • November – Officers election
  • December – Potluck Celebration at SACL meeting

Hospitality Committee – Josh Noblitt

We’re working to start a Hospitality Committee to welcome new neighbors and create an informational and gift basket for new residents. If you’re interested, contact Josh.

Wave Campaign – Josh Noblitt

We’re signing pledges to wave to each other in the community. It creates a culture of friendliness in the community and contributes to public safety. We have signups to join the movement!

Bylaws Change – Katie Delp

Historically, SACL has been funded primarily by dues. Events have been creating greater income. The conversation is beginning regarding not including dues as a membership requirement. It would require a by-laws change. So it will be an ongoing conversation and a vote is expected in March.

Community Forum

Raised a question about how do we honor/remember past Civic League Presidents. Hospitality Committee might be a good way to acknowledge neighborhood events, such as births, deaths, etc.

Russell – current NPU-Y representative – encouraging South Atlanta attendance at NPU meetings. January 19th at 7pm at John Birdine Center

Youth gathering on Wednesday nights 7-8:30 in Gateway Building ages 9-15. Welcoming youth and volunteers.

Automotive Training Center received a portion of the SACL grant money last year and bought a “project truck” to work on as mechanical skills training.

Meeting adjourned.

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