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Meeting Minutes – November 2014

November 4, 2014

South Atlanta Civic League  

November 3, 2014

Meeting Minutes


Josh Noblitt opened the meeting with a moment of silent reflection.


Community Pride Rick Sakaske said thank you to whoever cut down the tree on Brown Avenue. Treat Street was a success. Ms Ressie said that she will be back next year. Mazie Lynn excited about ZipCar. Great event on Saturday with ZipCar. Gammon resident shared about increase police presence on Gammon.


Committee Reports

Code Enforcement – Rick Sakaske updated the body on the status of the Top 20 properties. Still working to locate owners. Have been in conversation with some of the owners.


Community Reports

Officer gave the October crime reports for Beat 305. Having large issues with crime related crimes.  Community voiced concerns.


Community Business

Josh Noblitt announced the SACL Christmas Party on Monday, December 1st. Asking for volunteers to help with the event – decorations, set up and coordination.


Michelle Witherspoon announced about Youth Group that meets on Wednesdays at 7pm. Encouraged the group to not only report problems with youth but to engage them in conversations and youth activities.


There is a recycling event in Lakewood this Saturday, November 8th at Lakewood Stadium. Event will include electronics and paper shredding.


Jeff Delp announced ZipCar’s arrival and explained ZipCar to the group.


Jeff Delp announced the Carver Neighborhood Market will be opening in January.  The Marketplace will be closing and transitioning into a food market. He distributed a survey for the community to find out needs/wants from the neighborhood.


Katie Delp announced the system for reporting street light outages.


Community Forum

Dan Crain announced that there has been a group of ministry leaders and pastors gathering weekly to pray for the neighborhood.  They will be hosting a prayer night every first Thursday at Henry M White United Methodist Church from 7pm to 8pm.  All community members are welcome to attend. He encouraged the group to invite their neighbors.


Vote tomorrow!


Meeting adjorned.

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