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Meeting Minutes – August 2014

August 6, 2014

SACL Meeting Minutes

August 4, 2014


Josh Noblitt opened the meeting with a moment of silent reflection.


Community Pride King of Pops party yesterday in South Atlanta Park was a huge success. The fiirst day of APS seemed to go smoothly and Leslie Grant hosted a back to school event at coffee shop this morning.


Community Reports  Major Glazier and Sgt Hester spoke on a couple of trends in Beat 305.  There is an uptick in burglary and car break-ins and a crime wave in the Villages of Carver. Major Glazier has increased police presence in Beat 305.  There was a carjacking at South Atlanta Park and an increase in Swamp gang activity.  Community concerns were voiced. Sgt Hester updated the community on the progression of several hot spots that had been shared at last month’s meeting. Chief Finley spoke about getting more resources to Zone 3.


Claire Farley gave an update on pawn shop legislation.


Community Business  Jeff Delp gave an update on the Friends of the South Atlanta Park.  The city is installing a pavilion and signage this fall.  A playground will be coming within the next 2 years.  Kristi Wood passed around a sign in sheet for the Friends of the South Atlanta Park.


Tanisha Corporal announced the Progressive Dinner will be Saturday, August 16th from 5pm to 8pm.  Hosts will be announced in the next several days via facebook and the coffee shop.


Rick Sakaske is the new chair of the Code Enforcement Committee.  The committee has identified 20 top problem properties to focus on.  Residents are invited to join the committee.  Committee is going to research properties, SACL will send letters to owner and then more communication with code enforcement.  Discussion ensued.


Community Forum  Jeff Delp introduced Faith Newport as the new manager of Community Grounds. Rev. Rice said the church will be tearing down 139 Brown Avenue.  Gloria Battle asked about kudzu trimming at the end of Bowen.


Dates to remember – NPU-Y Meeting on Monday, August 18th.


Meeting adjourned.


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