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Meeting Minutes for May 2014

June 19, 2014

May 5th, 2014 Minutes South Atlanta taken by Kore Bridges

Meeting Minutes



Community Pride

Margaret Simon long time resident of South Atlanta, being honored by Spelman College. Taught at Spelman for 37 years. Lived on Martin Avenue. Recently passed.

Rick of South Atlanta commented on Tire Pick up and how the neighborhood looks better.


Community Reports

Andrew Smith and Officer Lowry present from APD. Overall city crime is down.

Claire Farley Zone 3 Community Prosecutor spoke on Gammon issues with students at Carver.

Sgt Brown Zone 3 says from 2-4 truancy officer will be at Gammon till the end of the year.

Neighbor informed Sgt Brown of truancy on Martin street.

Mr. Rakestraw predicts it’s going to be a TERRIBLE summer in reference to the kids in the community.


Sheryl Bennett present, thanks us for the community pride. Will be present for Kickball.


Senator Orrock present, primary elections May 20th. Early vote this Saturday. Guns everywhere bill was opposed by Senator Orrock. Georgia one of the top 5 states for uninsured residents. Illegal tires 2013 law has been changed so that the sticker will be placed on the bumper vs inside the car. Vote for Jason against Nathan Deal.


Sonoco Recycling has started to transform their work site. $75,000 dollars will be used to uplift the area which is the entry way to our neighborhood.


Lydia Woods at 75 Gammon will be using the blue house for a women outreach program.

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