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September 2013 Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2014

South Atlanta Civic League

Monday, October 7, 2013

Meeting Minutes


Meeting opened by Russell Hopson with a moment of silence.


Community Pride 

Josh Noblitt shared about the success of the Beltline Southeast 8K.  Russell shared about the success of the neighborhood 3 on 3 basketball tournament.


Police Reports

Detective Smith from APD shared that crime continues to decrease in Zone 3.  Most crime within the 305 beat is being committed by juveniles and APD is working with APS with this issue.  A neighbor shared about disruptive behavior and shooting at 109 Thirkield.  Det. Smith encouraged the neighbor to file a civil suit against the residents and/or landlord.  It was shared that there is tire dumping at the end of Bowen Avenue.


Community Business

Russell Hopson announced the South Atlanta Candidate Forum that will be held tomorrow, October 8th at 7pm at the Gateway Building.  14 Candidates from City Council and BOE District 1 and At-Large Posts will be present.  All neighbors are invited to attend.


Katie Delp announced that Treat Street will be held on Thursday, October 31st next door to the Bike Shop.  Volunteer and candy donations are still needed.  Candy can be dropped off at the Marketplace.


Community Forum

City Council candidate Mary Norwood introduced herself and shared her platform.


The meeting was adjourned.

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