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April 2013 Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2014

South Atlanta Civic League

Meeting Minutes – April 1, 2013


Josh Noblitt led the meeting in the absence of Russell Hopson.  Josh opened the meeting with a moment of silence.


Community Pride

Hanihah Rios shared that she was excited that 65 Gammon had sold and was being renovated.  Jeff Lupton shared that there was a successful 3on3 basketball tournament in the park the past weekend.


Police Report

Officer Eric Schwartz introduced himself and distributed the 305 beat report.  Crime has been down significantly.

Claire Farley reported that Zone 3 is experiencing the lowest crime since 1969.  She updated the body on several open community cases.


Committee Reports

Fran Carroll reported that the Social and Fundraising Committee is working on securing a location for the kickball tournament and asked for help in the planning.


Community Business

Fran Carroll presented the 2013 budget.  The budget was voted on and unanimously passed by the body.

Carla Smith announced the East Day Recycling Event on April 27th at Turner Field.  This year the city is accepting hazardous materials, tires and electronics.

South Atlanta residents can bring electronics to be recycled to the South Atlanta Marketplace on April 27th from 9am to 10am and volunteers will take them to Turner Field.

The annual South Atlanta Tire Clean Up will be April 27th.  Meet at Community Grounds at 9am to help.

Josh Noblitt gave an update on the Jonesboro Road Mural.  There had been a meeting with several stakeholders to figure out a solution for the north 50 feet of the wall.  Meetings are continuing to happen to secure a solution.

Terry Bailey, representation for Omkar Singh, made a request for a beer and wine license for the Food Mart at 183 McDonough Blvd.  Discussion ensued.  The request was vote on and was unanimously denied by the body.  Carla Smith explained the LRB process to the body.  She ask Mr. Singh to come back to the community if granted the license to build a relationship and be a good neighbor.

Josh announced the Bring a Neighbor Incentive.  Neighbors that bring a new neighbor to the May SACL meeting will receive a $5 discount on their annual dues.


Community Forum

Chris McCord announced that Moving in the Spirit will be hosting their Big Show at the Rialto on May 2nd.  Many South Atlanta youth will be in the show.

Several new residents introduced themselves to the body.

Katie Delp announced that Kimpson Park Community Garden will have its kick off Saturday, April 6th from 9am to 11am.  All are welcome to participate.


Meeting adjourned.

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