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May 2013 Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2014

South Atlanta Civic League

May 6, 2013

Meeting Minutes


Russell Hopson opened the meeting with a moment of silence.


Community Pride

Geri Colvard announced that 107 Bisbee is completed and she is looking forward to new neighbors on her block.  She also shared she is enjoying the Zumba classes at the Marketplace.

Kristi Wood hosted a neighborhood yard sale in April and plans to have another later in the summer.

Russell Hopson shared that SACL hosted another great Earth Day community clean up.


Community Reports

APD Officer Shiftbower shared with the body.  He reported on the increased problem with ATV on city streets.  He asked for residents to please report them when seen.  Neighbors reported ongoing problems with 1420 and 1418 Lansing Avenue.  Problems with residents missing mail on Gammon Avenue was also reported.


NPU-Y Chair Paul McMurray reported that the liquor license for 184 McDonough is up for approval tomorrow morning at 5pm on the 2nd floor of City Hall.  He encouraged the body to attend the next NPU meeting to vote on the Lakewood LCI plans.


Committee Reports

Chris McCord reported on the Earth Day clean up.  Residents collected over 300 tires.  ATow lent a truck and two volunteers which helped out immensely.  Chris will be organizing a few dumpster days throughout the summer.  He also has some volunteers coming this summer and would like to help 2 senior with light yard work.


Community Business

Russell Hopson announced Food Truck Thursdays at the Monarch Arts Center every other Thursday.  All are welcome to attend.


Fran Carroll announced that planning for the annual kickball tournament is under way for June 29th at Carver HS.  Volunteers are needed to help plan and the next planning meeting is this Wednesday at 5pm at Community Grounds.  Progressive Dinner is also coming up at the end of the summer.


Community News

Derek George with Doing Good Among People introduced himself and volunteered to help with the mural on Jonesboro Road.


Jeff Delp announced that Community Grounds is now selling Frozen Yogurt.  The Marketplace will be close for renovations this week and will re-open on Friday.


There was discussion about positive youth activities in the community.


The meeting was adjourned.

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