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February 2013 Meeting Minutes

March 4, 2013

South Atlanta Civic League – February 4, 2013

Russell Hopson opened the meeting with welcome and moment of silence.

Community Pride – Geri Colvard praised the removal of a tree at Lansing Avenue and Bisbee Avenue which had been causing problems. A visitor shared she liked the branding of South Atlanta throughout the community. Ron Clark shared that the Ron Clark Academy has trained their 15000th teacher and is grateful to be in South Atlanta.

Community Reports:
Chief Finley and Officer Vickers from COPS represented APD. Chief Finley is now over the Community Service Division and wants to support communities and make sure officers are engaging in the community. Chief Finley’s cell phone is 404.538.4650. He also address concerns about the Price Middle School shooting and encouraged the community to keep calling 911 when seeing suscipious activity.

Sheryl Bennett from District One reported on the Lakewood Livable Communities Initiative. He encouraged neighbors to complete a survey about the Lakewood LCI at This is a study sponsored by ARC to lay a foundation for future development of Atlanta’s southside communities.

Russell Hopson encouraged the body to sign up for new committees for the new year.

Russell Hopson shared that during the January SACL meeting the Ron Clark Academy had requested two variance for new construction on their campus. The SACL passed one and tabled one until the community was able to get more information about the project. RCA invited SACL’s VP Josh Noblitt to participate with on their building committee. After attending the meetings, Josh feels confident about the plans being in the best interest of South Atlanta. There was a motion to grant the variance for reduced parking on the RCA campus. The motion passed with 9 for and 0 against. RCA will be coming back to the body for the approval of consolidation of some lots at a future date.

Kore Bridges spoke about the Lakewood LCI. Kore is on the LLCI Core Team. Kore distributed surveys about the LLCI and encouraged the body to complete the survey so South Atlanta will be represented well in the process.

Geri Colvard led the elections process. She read the report from the Nominations Committee (see attached). The following slate of 2013-2014 officers was presented:
President – Russell Hopson
Vice President – Josh Noblitt
Treasurer – Fran Carroll
Secretary – Katie Delp
Assistant Secretary – Kore Bridges
Parliamentarian – Chris McCord

Each nominee spoke briefly. Kristi Wood raised concerned about the nominations committee and discussion ensued. Votes were cast by paper ballot with Geri Colvard and Ron Clark counting the votes. All of the officers were elected by the body as presented.

Russell Hopson announced that a 2013 calendar and budget would be presented at the March meeting. He reminded the body to pay their dues for 2013.

Fran Carroll announced that the Social and Fundraising Committee would be meeting the following Thursday at 5:30pm at Community Grounds.

Donna Barber asked about the process for submitting items for the SACL budget.

Cynthia Pearson asked SACL to write an official letter to Atlanta Public Schools about truancy and safety concerns around the school. Discussion ensued.

Russell Hopson adjourned the meeting.

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