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November 2012 Meeting Minutes

February 19, 2013

Community Pride

Katie Delp reported that our 3rd Annual Treat Street was quite a success. 150 people attended the event, and we actually ran out of candy. She thanked Ms. Walker for heading up the concession stand!

Fran announced that South Atlanta movie night on November 19th also went well. She thanked the Luptons for letting the SACL use their power. 15 kids and adults showed up at movie night. Hopefully the event can be done again in the spring.

Russell acknowledged the hard work of Jeff Lupton, who put up SACL house signs for seniors. Russell announced that we still have more free signs available for South Atlanta senior citizens.

Community Reports

Josh Noblitt lead the crime report time. Lt. Moorman announced that the main issue has been truancy from Carver High School. There was a burglary on Bisbee Avenue and Martin Avenue. The morning watch is struggling with auto thefts. Josh mentioned the recent police helicopter accident and asked Lt. Moorman to extend our condolences to the families of the two police officers, as well as to the other officers. Geri asked Lt. Moorman what could be done about kids congregating on Bisbee and if there were any updates on the recent fight in the church parking lot. Moorman told her that chargers are pending. Katie said that there has been a rash of electronics stolen from the South ATL Marketplace and asked Lt. Moorman to please let the police officers know that Community Grounds would love to give them free cups of coffee to increase their presence at the store. Fran mentioned that two police officers came to Treat Street and that it was a nice presence. Moorman invited people to contact him with any concerns at Josh asked for personal concerns to brought to Lt. Moorman privately after his report was finished.

Claire Farley reported on the murder case of a South Atlanta family’s son. An arrest was made. She warned neighbors that cell phones and Apple products especially on Marta.

Sheryl Bennett came to the meeting to talk about the recent bad smell. Councilwoman Carla Smith has asked residents to keep a diary of the smell. Environmental Remedies which usually is the cause have been approached. She also announced that more people are needed to serve on the restorative board.  Let Josh Noblitt know if you are interested.

Committee Reports

Due to it being the end of the year, committees are quiet. Russell announced that the big December event is the annual Christmas potluck on December 3rd at Community Life Church at 1297 Jonesboro Road. The theme is going to be ‘past, present and future.’

Russell also announced that we need to put together a nominations committee for the next group of officers. He asked for volunteers. Leroy Barber volunteered.

Community Forum

Kory said that the new sign was beautiful, but wondered if we could get lightening for night.

Russell reminded everyone that the NPU-Y meeting is a big meeting where much gets done. Need to attend 3 meetings though to be a voting member.

Dana announced that we lost $3,500 last year. He said this year we could get $3,700 from ABAP. Russell said that this would be discussed in the next executive  meeting.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 7:25 PM.

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