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October 2012 Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2012

Special Note: The October 1, 2012, meeting was moved from the Bethlehem Senior Center to Community Grounds Café for a special presentation of the new South Atlanta Neighborhood entrance sign. Unfortunately, the presentation – though not the meeting – was cancelled due to rain. The presentation was rescheduled for to precede either the Movie Night on October 19th or the 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament on October 20th. The exact date and time will be released at a later date.

Russell Hopson opened the meeting at 6:42 PM with a moment of reflection.

Community Pride

Russell announced that for him one moment of community pride was the recent renovation of Community Grounds Café done in partnership with the shop and High Tech Ministries. The coffee shop has been the perfect gathering place for South Atlanta residents.

Russell opened the floor to other community pride moments.

Kore Bridges announced that He had given Pastor Howard the sign for his church during a recent church fundraiser. Pastor Howard was excited to receive it and planned on hanging it in the church doorway.

Jeff Delp reported that 13 youth from Carver performed at a recent poetry slam at Community Grounds Café.

Andrej Ciho reported that the Ideal Sports Bar recently held a fundraiser for the police and SA Bikeshop; the bar raised thousands of dollars.

Community Business

Josh led the police reports. Lt. Moorman announced that it was an uneventful month. He had 2 robbers for SA. One involved a Carver student stealing from a fellow student; an arrest was made. The other robbery involved a man being robbed by gunpoint of his iphone at a Marta bus stop; the police successful tracked the phone to Underground where it is believed that the iphone was erased and the tracking thus lost. Lt. Moorman highly recommended signing up Apple products on icloud which enables the police to track the product if it is ever stolen. There was one aggravated assault. Property crimes are still the biggest issue for SA, but the numbers are declining.

Josh then took questions from the floor for the police. Kristi asked if there was any reason Carver students should be leaving campus to smoke. Lt. Moorman told her there was not and instructed us to call 911 to report truancy issues. The 911 system has been improved and is used to help determine where to put resources, so the more calls on an issue the more resources will be diverted in that direction. Kore complained about loud music and partying on near his street; he’s called the police, but the police just drive through & the partiers turn down music when they see the cop car. Lt. Moorman reported that the ordinance dealing with this is hard to enforce, but that they are working on it. He also told Kore to email him if there is any more issues, and he’d forward it to the right person. A request was made for Lt. Moorman to bring different beat officers to the SACL meetings, so that we could get to know them and better communicate with them on the streets.

There were no elected officials at the meeting due to a meeting about flooding in Cabbagetown.

Community Reports

  • Beautification: Chris was absent. Russell announced that this coming Saturday would be the time that we’d go around SA putting up the SA signs on the homes of seniors. He asked for volunteers. Katie reported that we still have 30 free signs for senior citizens. He also announced that the new code officer’s information could be found on the side bar of the agenda.
  • Public Safety: Billy and Sarah were absent.
  • Socials and Fundraising: Report was pushed to Community Business.
  • Community Development: Russell said that he was still looking for volunteers.

Community Business

The owner or representative for 148 McDonough Blvd’s did not appear to make a request for the SACL to approve his liquor license. Russell said he’d be sure to go to the NPU-Y meeting to let the body there know in case he attempted to once again appear at the NPU-Y for a vote without first coming to the SACL.

Katie reported that Fran was home with a sick baby, so she gave the socials report for Fran. She announced that the movie night was scheduled for October 1st to begin at dusk at the tennis courts in the SA Park. She encouraged people to bring chairs/blankets, as well as a bag of candy for entrance to go towards Treat Street. The movie would be family friendly. Katie announced that Treat Street would once again be held October 31st in the parking lot at 1297 Jonesboro. The new fire department chief promised to try and be at Treat Street – so long as no emergencies kept them from attending. Katie said that they were looking for donations of bags of candy to give away as prizes, as well as for volunteers to man the games. She then turned the report over to Leroy, who said that he would be getting a flier around the neighborhood soon with more information on the 3-on-3 basketball tournament to be held on October 20th.

Russell encouraged everyone to keep an eye on the South Atlanta Civic League Facebook page for information on upcoming events.

Community Forum

Walter, a new neighbor on Martin Avenue, introduced himself as personal trainer. He said that he loved working one-on-one with people and had all his equipment. He’d be very interested in helping make the bootcamp in the SA Park happen.

Jason asked for an open discussion in light of the resent death in a family on Gammon Avenue on establishing a way to send condolences to SA residents. Russell reported that the event actually had sparked a discussion on the SACL E-Board which lead to something being sent to the family on behalf of the family, as well as $100 item being added to budget for just such a fund. Members present expressed their agreement with such an action. Kristi asked if there couldn’t also be something done for good things. Russell agreed and encouraged residents to email such things to the E-board, so that the SACL could send out a card. Cynthia expressed appreciation to Jason & Kristi for facilitating a monetary collection from Marcy, Gammon, and Martin residents to go the Roberts family.

Russell encouraged everyone to remember the upcoming NPU-Y meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:19 PM.

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