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September 2012 Meeting Minutes

September 14, 2012

South Atlanta Civic League: September Minutes

September 10, 2012 – The meeting was moved from the 1st to the 2nd Monday due to Labor Day.

Russell started the meeting at 6:35 PM with a quiet moment of reflection.

Community Reports

Community Prosecutor Claire Farley reported on the murder of the son of a community member. She reported that the police have a possible suspect and believe that this is a case that they can and will solve. She promised to be in constant contact with the officers.

The police were not present at the meeting = probably due to the change in dates.

Committee Reports:

  • Beautification: Chris McCord was absent.
  • Public Safety: Billy arrived at 7:00 and reported that the committee is still open to new members. Currently the committee is trying to get speed bumps on Turman Avenue. Jeff Lupton said that they had tried to do this on Gammon Avenue and that he had some tips/lessons learned that he could share later with Billy.
  • Socials & Fundraising: Fran reported on (1) Move Night in the Park on October 19th to be held in partnership with Friends of the South Atlanta Park (bags of popcorn will be available in exchange for the donation of an unopened bag of candy for Treat Street) and (2) a 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament in the Park on October 20th in partnership with Leroy Barber. Katie reported on the community’s 3rd annual Treat Street at 1297 Jonesboro Road to be held October 31st from 5-7 PM. There is still a need for volunteers to run the carnival booths, as well as for donations of candy. Contact Katie if you want to help with Treat Street.
  • Community Development: Russell made a plea for help in creating a project and structure to the committee.

 Community Business

Russell reported that the October SACL meeting will be held at the South Atlanta Marketplace at 1297 Jonesboro Road, as we will be holding a ribbon cutting ceremony for one of two new neighborhood signs that were funded by a City of Atlanta Grant. Long-time resident Ms. Ella will be doing the honors of cutting the ribbon. The sign will be located at the intersection of Jonesboro and McDonough. The 2nd sign will be located at the intersection of Lakewood and McDonough on the back corner of A-Tow’s property.

Katie reported that the South Atlanta House Signs for seniors have been completed. We only have 15 seniors signed up but have 50 available. This too was thanks to a grant. She reported that any senior who wanted to put up their own sign could go ahead and pick one up, but that the SACL was committed to assisting any senior who wanted help. She also asked for semi-skilled volunteers to help with this project.  She informed the body that besides showing community unity, statistics show that neighborhood signs also help lower crime.

Community Forum

The new manager of Chevron – formerly Marathon – introduced himself. Russell reported that the Lakewood Civic League has said that the management under Chevron has been very community friendly.

Katie reported that Jeff had asked her to announce that the next South Atlanta Park meeting will be Thursday, September 20th at 6:30 PM at Community Grounds Café. He also wanted to announce that this Tuesday-Thursday the Marketplace and coffee shop will be under renovation with a grand re-opening on Friday at 7:30 PM.

Jeff Lupton reported that apparently someone requested the street lights in the park to be turned back on. This has led to an increase in disruptive activity in the park late at night.  Jeff wanted to make sure it was okay with everyone if he calls the city to request that they put timers on the lights to turn them off at 11 PM which is the closing time for all city parks. A motion was made and seconded for the SACL to write a letter in support of Jeff Lupton’s request.

Cynthia reported that the Carver High School truancy problem has been off the problem and that students are walking up and down Gammon Avenue during school hours smoking dope. There is a suspect ice cream selling things to the students. A motion was made and 2nd’ed for the SACL to send a letter to the school board about this issue.

Russell reported that a new code officer for the area was sworn in September and will be introducing himself at this coming Monday’s NPU-Y meeting on September 17th.

Leroy Barber reported that he is working on fixing the end of the mural. He also reported that he talked with planners at the city and learned that a plan that is over 10 years old is no longer relevant. The city potentially is issuing new bonds, but to be able to have projects approved for money from the bonds we need a new master plan. The SACL said they would be interested in going through this process.

Russell reminded the body that the Ron Clark Academy was accepting applications for current fourth graders to join the school next year. The application deadline is October. They want South Atlanta students!

A motion was made, 2nded and passed at 7:20 PM to adjourn the meeting.


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