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July 2012 Meetting Minutes

August 6, 2012

Minutes of South Atlanta Civic League

July 9, 2012


Russell Hopson opened the meeting at 6:30 with a moment of silence.


Community Pride

  • Russell thanked the staff of the Bethlehem Center for opening up their doors to us despite having just experienced another break-in at the center. Mrs. Taylor, the Executive Director of the Bethlehem Center, reported that they stole a broken mower.


Community Reports

  • The police report was pushed back, as there were no police present at this time. Postponed until they hopefully can appear at the meeting.
  • Senator Margaret Kaiser spoke next. She announced that the senatorial district lines were withdrawn due to the latest census, but that South Atlanta remained in her district. She reported on the neighbors that fall in her newly re-drawn district. She also reported on the homestead exemption and encouraged homeowners to apply. She left a fliers and business cards with her contact information.
  • Beautification Committee Report: Chris McCord asked the body ‘who has the dirtiest street in South Atlanta?’ The resounding answer – Moury Avenue. Chris reported that for the August clean up he will have the dumpster placed on Moury Avenue. He also introduced two young men in his Men in Motion Program and thanked them for their diligent efforts in helping with various clean-up efforts in the neighborhood. Chris then also shared that if anyone is interested in doing additional neighborhood clean-up projects that the SACL has some yard equipment that can be borrowed for just such purposes.
  • Jeff Delp added to the Beautification Report and announced that there would be a South Atlanta Park meeting this Saturday at 10 AM at Community Grounds to once again attempt to start a Friends of the Park group. He challenged folks to come together and help create a usable park.
  • Public Safety Committee: Billy and Sarah Quezada are the new heads of the committee. Billy announced that there will be meeting at his home on July 30th (the last Monday of the month) at 8 PM to brainstorm ideas for what the committee can do/be.
  • Socials Committee Report: Fran was absent from the meeting. Russell reported that the progressive dinner had been a grand success and said that he hoped there were many more in the future.
  • Community Development Report: none.


Community Business

  • Katherine Hankins, a professor from GA State, announced that she and another professor had received a grant to practice community geography. She reported that she is particularly interested in the history and current vision of South Atlanta and thus has 6 students focusing their projects on our neighborhood. The 6 students introduced themselves and their prospective projects. They desire to host a end of the summer meeting on July 29th to share their results and maps, as well as to get feedback from the community. Katherine then said that they would love to get suggestions from the neighborhood as to where that meeting/social should be held.
  • Katie Delp announced that the SACL won a city grant for signage. A part of that grant would go towards purchasing 50 South Atlanta Neighborhood house signs for senior citizens (55 years or older). The signs will be given out on a first come basis. The SACL will be available to hang up the signs for seniors. Katie passed around a list for seniors at the meeting to sign up and encouraged those present to spread the word to other seniors living in South Atlanta.
  • Russell asked for everyone who has pictures of SA events to please call or email him. He is trying to create one central storage place for the pictures, so that the neighborhood doesn’t lose these them.
  • Russell reported on the upcoming regional transportation referendum. He encouraged people to study the referendum and to go vote on July 31st at Price Middle School.
  • Paul McMurray, the president of the NPU-Y, referred the owners of the corner store at 184 McDonough to the SACL, as the owner is seeking a liquor license. No one appeared at the meeting though on behalf of the store to request a vote on the liquor license. Russell encouraged SACL members to be present at the meeting to let the NPU-Y know that they had not come before us for a vote. He reported that Paul McMurray will not even let them come for a vote before the NPU-Y before first coming to the SACL.


Community Forum

  • Jeff Delp reported that the back=to=school sale at the Market Place starts July 23rd. He reported that this year they will have uniforms for sale.
  • Donna Barber let the body know that the summer camp spent two days creating a mural to cover graffiti on wall along Crogman-Thayer.
  • Terry announced that his church – Abundant Life – would be hosting a community day on Sunday, July22nd from 1-5 PM.
  • Josh reported on a new structure for the police report section that he had created from feedback he’d received from the SACL. He asked what people thought of the new structure.
  • Chris reported on a short police chase that resulted in the neighbors coming to the aid of the police officer who had a heart attack while wrestling with the criminal. They both stopped the law breaker and called for aid for the police officer. Proud moment for SA!
  • Leroy said that he’d like to see a community rally this or next month due to the sudden rash of burglaries. It was suggested that next month’s meeting end early and everyone depart from the center to walk around the neighborhood together.


Russell welcomed new neighbors.

  • Helmut Karsten lives at 1357 Jonesboro Road. He now is the last neighbor on his block. He works as an event coordinator.
  • Alice Brooks lives on Turman Avenue. She reported that one of her neighbors was waiting outside at 3:30 AM for his girlfriend to return. He spotted a black SUV slowly driving down the street and pointing at houses. He got the license plate and called the police.


Police Lt. Moorman finally was able to arrive at the meeting. Josh introduced and facilitated the new structure for the police report. The crime reports were passed around the room. Josh asked Lt. Moorman to report on the main issue – Lt. Moorman replied that unlike other neighbors SA is just struggling with burglaries (i.e. property crimes). He said criminals specifically seem to be targeting electronics, copper and vacant homes. They appear to be mainly ‘opportunity crimes.’ He reported that the biggest issue for the police locating the items. He encouraged people to either informally write down the serial numbers of their possessions or to formerly register the items. Josh said that the SACL needs to take a more concerted effort to get members and neighbors to officially register security codes/serial numbers. Josh asked Lt. Moorman what the hotspots in the neighborhood are. Lt. Moorman said that it really goes from Lakewood/Jonesboro up to Thirkield. Lt. Moorman said that anyone can email him at with any concerns or questions. He also encouraged people to call the Zone 3 Investigations Office at 404.230.6104. to receive updates on cases.


A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 PM.

Minutes submitted by Christy Taylor

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