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August 2012 Meeting Minutes

August 15, 2012

South Atlanta Civic League: Minutes

August 6, 2012

Russell called the meeting to order at 6:42 PM with a moment of silence.

Community Reports

Josh facilitated the police report time. Crime reports were distributed around the room for individual review. Josh asked for a report on specific South Atlanta incidents and trends. The Major was very pleased with the progress in South Atlanta. There was a dispute at 1440 Jonesboro Road. Most crime items in the report are based around Carver Village. Seven minutes were given to questions; Josh encouraged people to hold personal questions and to ask in private. A question was raised about an accident on Jonesboro between Bisbee and Thayer late Thursday. The Major said he would look into the incident. A concern was raised about two individuals who were witnessed walking down Gammon ringing doorbells and asking for an individual who did not live in the residence if the doorbell was answered; when the individuals came to a house with no response they attempted to break into the house, but the attempt was stopped by neighbors.

Sheryl Bennett from Carla Smith’s office stood up. She had no specific report, but had wanted to come to be available to answer any questions. She reported that Carla Smith’s office was excited to once again be a supporter of the SA Social. A question was raised about how the neighborhood could better go after Sonoco. Sheryl encouraged the body to send multiple letters to code and Sonoco copying Carla Smith’s office. The louder the voice and the more frequent the calls/letters, the more likely we are to see a response. And photos are huge!!!

Committee Reports

  • Beautification: Chris apologized for not getting the dumpster out as he had promised, but said he would order one for September 13th to be placed on Moury Avenue.
  • Public Safety: Billy and Sarah are hosting another meeting at 134 Turman at 8 PM on August 27. Starting simple – speed bumps on Turman. Please join!
  • Socials: This was moved to Community Business.

Community Business

Mehari Kassa with the Ron Clark Academy attended the meeting and reported on the upcoming application process that is starting for current 4th graders. RCA wants to see an increase in South Atlanta students applying to attend the school.

Kim Beard with the Ron Clark Academy stood up to explain the dual purpose of RCA – teaching and training. She then presented plans for campus extension and asked for approval of changing the zoning on one lot to permit the construction of a new building. She also reported that the old blue cement block building that used to house a car repair shop was purchased by RCA which plans on demolishing the building in 2 months and eventually building a performing arts center on the property. A vote of 16-for and 0-against was taken of all dues paying members.

A question was raised about how one or more South Atlanta residents might become a part of RCA’s planning process for the extension of its campus.

Kristi Wood reported on the upcoming SA Social. She passed out signup sheets for the 3-on-3 basketball tournament and the sweets showdown. She also put out a call for volunteers for the event.

Katie Delp spoke on the Friends of South Atlanta Park. She passed around slips of paper asking for 3 dreams for the park. She then reported that the next meeting for the Friends group would be August 18 at 10 AM. She asked for interested people to RSVP to Jeff Delp, as they’d be meeting that morning at the coffee shop and then driving around to visit different parks for ideas.

Katherine Hankins stood up to report on the GA State Research Project.

Katie Delp stood back up to report on the SA Signs for Seniors. We have a grant to give away 50 signs, but currently only have 10 seniors signed up. She passed around more sign up sheets. The signs will be completed this Sunday, and the SACL volunteers will call the seniors and then schedule a time to come by and put up the sign for them. If you want to volunteer to help, talk to Katie Delp

Community Forum

Katie announced that Community Grounds is now selling breakfast sandwiches. The coffee shop opens at 7:30 AM.

A question was asked about SACL dues and how to pay them. Russell reported that dues help pay civic league fees, as well as go towards supporting various SACL events. He then gave a breakdown of the different levels of fees.

A motion was made and seconded at 7:35 PM to adjourn the meeting.

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