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May 2012 Meeting Minutes

May 17, 2012

May 7, 2012

Russell Hopson called meeting to order at 6:50 PM and opened meeting with a quiet moment of reflection.

Community Pride

Earth Day Tire Clean Up:
A-Tow chipped in with a truck & crew. Other residents brought their trucks. We moved 5-600 tires pre-collected plus the last tires from Blashfield.

Community Reports

Police Reports:
Lt. Dodds, the Zone 3 evening commander, encouraged the body to report illegal dumping to 911 and to be sure to give a thorough description of the vehicle and people to the police. He reported that the crime stats continue to go down for Zone 3 and that the prevailing issue for the area is property crime. Fran mentioned that currently Carver High School students walking off campus and causing problems. Neighbors have seen the kids involved with drugs and even have witnessed a gun being shot. The police recommended calling in for an extra patrol – called 89 – during that time period. Also can go down and fill out a form requesting an 89. He also recommended doing that when you leave town. Chris volunteered to go to Zone 3 office to pick up a form and request an extra patrol for Gammon area for the period when school gets ends.

No elected officials were present.

Committee Reports:

  • Beautification: Chris is planning something for mid-June. The desire is do a clean-up/beautification project every other month. He announced that we’re hoping to work with A-Tow and
    Bridgestone to collect more tires in the future.

Community Business

The Socials and Fundraising Committee spoke under business. Fran announced that the kickball tournament is two weeks away. Teams are asked to be at the Carver softball fields at 12:30 PM to check-in. The tournament starts 1-5 PM. She announced that teams could register at the meeting. We already have A-Tow, as well as several South Atlanta and surrounding neighborhood teams committed. There will be a full concession. Ms. Jacklyn Walker has requested volunteer assistance. Fran requested people let her know after the meeting if they are interested in volunteering with concessions. She reported that there was a need for 3 pop-up tents. Fran announced that as soon as a family appropriate movie appeared on the schedule, we would have a South Atlanta movie night at the drive-in movie theater. Tanisha reported that on June 16th there will be a progressive dinner. South Atlanta has been broken into 5 sections, and the committee is looking for volunteer hosts. Those that bring a dish to their host house won’t be charged to participate, but if you can’t do anything they are asking for a small donation. All participants will be given a cup as an entrance ticket to
each house. Sign up if you are willing to host or email for more information. The theme is Italian.

Russell mentioned the house signs as an ideal way to brand the neighborhood. A new batch will be ready to go tomorrow.If signs are purchased through the SACL they are $25, but if purchased through
Community Grounds they are $30. Kristi Wood announced that they also will be
available for $25 at SACL sponsored events such as the kickball tournament.
Chris asked if people had noticed the South Atlanta sign at the Marketplace.

Community Forum

Russell added to Park Pride to the agenda. Ayanna Williams spoke on the benefits of being a Friend of the Park. She will research why there are no tennis nets at the park, but recommended that SACL
members call the new park director – Doug Voss at and to see her at She asked members to like Park Pride on Facebook.

Kristi Wood announced that the annual Wiener Fest is going to be June 9th on the empty lot on Gammon and Lansing. She said folks are welcome to bring a side dish. The time will be posted on Facebook.

Lucious reminded the body about the new smart911 system.

Fran announced that the next socials committee meeting is THIS Thursday at Community Grounds Café at 5:30 PM.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

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