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April 2012 Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2012

April Minutes April 2, 2012

 Russell passed around the crime statistics
and then opened the meeting at 6:41 PM with a moment of silence.

Community Pride

Russell announced that at the last NPU-Y meeting we got pre-approved tor a grant that was due BEFORE our April SACL meeting. We had not known about the grant prior to the March NPU-Y meeting. The NPU-Y approved a grant for new neighborhood signage to brand South Atlanta. The E-Board rushed the grant to the city.

Community Reports

The police reported on the crime statistics and passed around extra copies at the statistics to those who came in a Few minutes |ate. The officers reported that most of the crime is occurring in the Villages at Carver. The issue for South Atlanta occurred at 1518 Jonesboro Road — the South Atlanta Market — and the crime was done by a regular customer at the store. The crime for South Atlanta is very

Claire Farley reported on the APD’s new Smart 911. She encouraged people to register online, so that police will know in advance about any medical issues, have pictures of Frequent runaways prior
to going to the home, and will have addresses in the system it toddlers are able to dial 911 . The community cops program is running Smart 911. Sign up at

Jason Timbert reported on his concern over a shooting that took place outside his house close to Carver High School.

Claire Farley reported on ‘Operation Heavy Metal.’ The city of Atlanta is the 4th in the nation for stolen cars. The operation will be targeting the top 100 car thieves. Often these thieves are
tow truck operators, so neighbors don’t call 911.

Russell encouraged folks to go court watch to support Claire.

No elected officials were present at the meeting to give a report.

Russell jumped to Community Business, as the Committee Reports would be covered there.

Community Business

The South Atlanta House signs were presented by Russell. Katie Delp reported that the SACL will be selling them for $25, as a fundraiser. The signs were mode and designed in South Atlanta. Half of the
price will go to SACL. You can pay with credit cords, checks or cash. Katie reported that a line item in our grant requests is For money to give 20-25 signs for seniors or o senior discount to be decided by seniors who are members of SACL.

Kristi Wood reported that the South Atlanta Kickball Tournament will be held Saturday, May 19 from 1-5 PM. Location is still to be determined. Come to the May meeting/check the SACL/facebook page/check the kickball tournament website in a week for more information and to sign up a team. The registration deadline is April 30. There will be a spirit reward. We are inviting surrounding neighborhoods and will be selling concessions with the addition of corndogs this year.

The next Social Committee Meeting will be Thursday, April at 5:30 PM. Anyone is welcome to join the committee. It meets at Community Grounds Cafe. Please join the committee to help plan South Atlanta community events. The socials committee is working on a progressive dinner in June. Date is to be determined. The South Atlanta Social will be held again in October.

Russell reported on the tire clean up coming up on April 21st. Meet at Community Grounds Café parking lot at 8:30 AM.

Community Forum

Lucious on Pork Avenue introduced his neighbor — Armond Brown — who has lived in South Atlantasince 2010. Armond said that he was a board member of the Atlanta Fringe board. The non-profit supports fringe artists. Russell invited the artists to perform at the South Atlanta Social.

A question was raised about a broken water meter cover. It was reported that Brenda at Carla Smith’s office should be called. She will get watershed department to respond at a timely manner.

Katie announced that this month Leroy Barber will be hosting a 3-on-3 tournament at the park. Show up between 2-6 PM it you are interested.

Russell encouraged everyone to pay dues: $35/individuals, $25/senior citizens, and

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn at 7:35 PM.

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