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January 2012 Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2012

January 9, 2012

(The meeting was held on the 2nd Monday of the month due to New Year’s Eve falling on Sunday and thus many having Monday, January 2nd as a day-off.)

Russell welcomed everyone to the meeting, introduced the SACL officers who were present at the meeting, and invited everyone to join him in a moment of silence.

Community Pride

Russell kicked off the community pride moment by remembering the Christmas party – 1st state of South Atlanta address, 1st Christmas tree lighting, great food, and a lot of neighbors. He opened the floor to others to share.

Community Reports

No police offers were present at the meeting.

Community Prosecutor Claire Fairley reported that her department has been tasked with coming up with goals for 2012, and she has created a community survey, so that her goals will come from the community itself. Surveys were passed to those present at the meeting. Anyone not in attendance can email her for a copy. It was noted that her contact information is not on the SACL Agenda’s Important Contacts Side Bar. Katie Delp said she would make sure it was added by February’s meeting.

Community Business

  • Beautification Committee: Chris McCord is away on a family matter. Russell reported that starting in April the committee would be doing community clean-up projects every other month.

  • Public Safety Committee: Still looking for someone to head up this committee.  Russell reported that he was wanting to work with Drew, the SACL intern, to work towards bringing more streets together as a Neighborhood Watch and getting the official signs posted in an effort. A new neighbor present at the meeting said that when looking to buy in South Atlanta he had in fact looked for those signs. Thought they served as a good tool for encouraging others to move into the community. Claire Farley reported that our new contact could be reached at

  • Youth Empowerment Committee: absent from meeting.

  • Community Development Committee: Russell suspended this report to move onto pressing 2012 items and to help us dismiss in time for National Championship Game.

Community Business

  • By-Laws Committee: Russell announced that the new year seemed like an appropriate time to take a look back at our By-Laws. A committee is being formed that will meet in the next couple of weeks to update the by-laws and bring a draft for vote at the February meeting. Russell announced that anyone was welcome to serve on the committee, but needed to let him know ASAP. Current volunteers are Leroy, Fran and Katie.

  • Russell asked permission to deviate slightly from the meeting agenda. He announced to SACL policy changes. The first being that in the future we will have 2 sign-in sheets – for visitors and members. The member sheet will list all members and ask for a check mark to be made by those in attendance. The second policy change will be a by-law change and thus need to be voted at the next meeting. Russell is proposing a flat membership: $35/year – though seniors will get the discounted price of $25/year. He announced that the officers would be pushing membership in 2012, as in 2011 we only had 15 official members. He reminded the body that dues help fund our events and activities.

  • 2012 Budget: Russell presented the 2012 budget and announced that treasury reports would re-continue in 2012. He announced that if someone wanted to do something outside of the budget that it would need to be emailed to Russell and brought to vote at the next SACL meeting. A motion was made and seconded to accept the budget. The budget was approved for 2012. A copy can be requested from Russell or Katie.

  • 2012 Calendar: The 2012 Calendar was not unveiled, as a request was made for all dates and events of local churches, organizations, etc. to be turned into Russell or Katie, so that they could be incorporated on the 2012 Calendar. The 2012 Calendar would be presented at the February meeting.

Community Forum

Tony Hardin, a new neighbor at 121 Thayer Avenue, was welcomed to the meeting. Tony is retired military and also has community organizing experience. Please stop by and welcome Tony to South Atlanta.

Dates to Remember

A correction was made to the NPU-Y meeting date. Due to MLK Day on January 16, the meeting will be held the following Monday, January 23, at 7 PM.

Russell announced that February’s meeting will be held at the Ron Clark Academy. The RCA students have a special presentation planed. Russell promised refreshments will be served at RCA. The Ron Clark Academy is located at 228 Margaret Street between Jonesboro Road and Lakewood Avenue.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM.


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