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October 2011 Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2011

October 5, 2011

Russell Hopson opened the meeting at 6:54 PM and called for a moment of reflection.

The schedule was modified in an attempt to get us out in time to pass festival postcards around the neighborhood before it got dark.

Community Reports

Lt. Reginald Moorman, the investigations commander of zone 3, reported that the biggest issue lately for our beat has been with burglaries and particularly copper relate burglaries. He strongly encouraged residents to put alarm sensors on their HVAC units. He also reported that Moury Avenue has been the cause of problems. He requested that residents report squatters, as police believe that they are the ones largely responsible for the copper burglaries.

A request was made for the new zone head to come and introduce herself to the South Atlanta Civic.

No other public nor elected officials were present to speak.

Committee Reports

  • Public Safety: While not the head of public safety (still looking for someone to replace Jason Timbert), Josh got up to speak. He explained that he had just completed the Atlanta Police Citizens Academy. He explained how while we have in the past been told that we need to report suspected drug houses to 911, as they document the reports and keep stats. He was able to tour 911, as a part of the class time and got a chance to directly ask a 911 operator if this was true. Found out it definitely is NOT and was told suspected drug houses need to be reported to narcotics at 404.546.2650. Narcotics fills out lead sheets and tracks the reports and investigate.

Community Business

The August minutes were emailed out the week after the meeting. Russell asked if there were any discrepancies. The minutes were approved as written.

Russell announced that this month’s community pride was that one of Carver High School’s bands, as well as their art students would come out in support of the festival. We also have the Ron Clark Step group signed up to perform.

Fran got up and reported on the upcoming social/festival. She announced that this week only we would be offering 50% off anyone interested in signing up for the BBQ sauce taste off. She also announced that we still volunteers. You can sign up in 2-hour blocks. There is a full range of opportunities to volunteer – everything from cooking to kid area supervision to stage coordinating. You also will be able to donate candy Treat Street and get a free plate of food.

Chris McCord announced that he had two trash grabbers as a thank you to the two boys who Valerie Sellers said cleaned up her street last month during the community pride moment. He hoped to encourage them with their street cleaning efforts and make it easier.

Katie Delp announced that the 2nd Treat Street will be held October 30th from 5-7 PM in the Marketplace parking lot.  It still needs candy donations. You can bring donations to the Marketplace or to the social on October 22nd. The Treat Street also needs volunteers to serve at the booths. Josh and Kara will be bringing back the Haunted Woods.

Christy Norwood reported for Charis Community Housing on a variance request to attach the two porches on 1307 Marcy. The motion was made and seconded and passed to approve the variance request.

Tina Arnold from Lakewood Heights reported on a towing company that is attempting to set up shop in their neighborhood. The neighborhood has found several discrepancies on the towing companies claims and wanted the surrounding neighborhoods to come to the NPU-Y vote informed.

Community Forum

Donna Barber reported that Community Fellowship is offering an after school program. It is for K-8th grade from M-Thurs. It is $25/month though no more than $50/month for a family. If that is too high for a person, they will work with you. It is located at 1297 Jonesboro.

Two new residents were welcomed.

  • Cory Bridges on Park Avenue.
  • Harold Haney on Hardwick Street.

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