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September 2011 Meeting Minutes

September 16, 2011

September 12, 2011 

Russell opened the meeting at 6:42 PM with a quiet moment of reflection. He reported that the August minutes had been read and approved at the SACL executive board meeting.

Community Reports:

There were no police officers present at the start of the meeting, so Community Prosecutor Claire Farley spoke first. She gave her contact information – She passed around a sheet for those who were interested in being a part of court watch. She also shared that we need to update the police on our agenda. She will get us the contact information for the new police officers.

Councilwoman Carla Smith and Sheryl Bennett were at the meeting. (1) They shared that the Mayor’s office has a ‘love your block’ grant. The next round of applications are due October 15th and February 12th. She gave Russell an application. (2) They encouraged us to send someone to the Neighborhood Summit. Cost is only $25/person. (3) They announced the Boulevard Park opening on September 25th. (4) They asked us to get out the Jonesboro Redevelopment Plan for Ms. Lily, so that she can find a suitable building for her proposed afterschool program.

Committee Reports:

  • Socials: Russell announced that this was saved for Community Business.
  • Beautification: Chris McCord announced that the next community clean-up project would be September 24th and hosted by Wesley Center at 17 Turman. Candy Taylor presented more information on this project and passed out fliers.
  • Public Safety: Russell announced that we still need a chair for this committee.
  • Youth Empowerment: Carrie announced that they were continuing to meet and that work is being done behind the scenes. They hope to have something to present in the near future.
  • Community Development: Russell announced that he is working with a contact to start a South Atlanta Boot Camp on Saturdays at 9 AM. It will be open to all at $5 (or less) per person. Need to 10 people to sign up before it can get started to make it worth the instructor’s time.

Community Business:

Ida Williams informed the body again about the South Bend Center for Arts and Culture. It is available for youth ages 6-13 for $35 or less dollars a week (sliding scale). There also is a teen program available.

Courtney Alston of the Ron Clark Academy stood up and introduced herself.

South Atlanta Social Update: Fran, Kristi and Tanisha updated the body on the work being done on the first annual hog roast. They informed the body that is being used as a community building and fundraising opportunity. They are now at the point where they need community support.

Russell announced that our Community Pride moment is that our hog roast’s first star support is A-Tow, who donated $1,000. We are now 2/3rds of the way to our financial goal for the festival.

Kristi announced that the festival’s permit had just been approved. Ron Clark and Wonder Root are potential partners. We revealed 3 banners, as well as postcards and small cards to pass out in the neighborhood and surrounding communities. She encouraged the body to go to the festival’s Facebook page and invite their friends. She asked for financial sponsor and donor ideas, and she announced that they have packets available for applications, sponsors and donors. They presented the sauce-off, vender and volunteer opportunities.

Christy Norwood with Charis Community Housing informed the body that Charis would like to take their vacant land to the Land Bank Authority for banking and tax abatement.

The new police officers showed up to meeting. They reported that our beat had 48 crimes – the majority in the Villages of Carver. AC-Units are the biggest problem; however, cages and sensors are big deterrents.

Community Open Forum:

Courtney Alston informed the body that the Ron Clark Academy was proud to be a permanent fixture in the South Atlanta Neighborhood. She invited us to join them at: (1) Admissions Open House on September 22 and 27. Register Online. (2) Community Open House – date in October is to be determined. (3) Education Training Day – October 7, 13, 14. Fee. Register online.

 The meeting was adjourned at 7:56 PM.

 Minutes taken by Christy Norwood

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