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July 2011 Meeting Minutes

August 2, 2011

July 11, 2011

Due to the 4th of July following on the 1st Monday of the month, per the by-laws the July meeting was held on the following Monday.

Russell Hopson was absent, so Chris McCord called the meeting to order n his behalf with a moment of reflection. Chris McCord had everyone turn to their neighbors and say ‘you live in South Atlanta – the best neighborhood where you are safe and loved.’

Community Pride

Sam Delp has a new bike.

Community Reports

Lt. Sheffield gave a report.

 • 1397 Blashfield was served a warrant on a suspected chop shop. John Lattimore was charged. Stolen cars were found there. However, the other owner – Keith Hayes at the site appears to be running a legitimate business.

• 3 arrests were made at 46 Bowen. Metal thieves were spotted by a passing patrol.

• 1364 Lakewood had a shooting robbery. A warrant has been issued.

• There was a homicide at Lakewood and Jonesboro.

Committee Reports

• Beautification: Jeff is starting a Park Pride to adopt South Atlanta Park. It needs resources and ideas. Kristie said if money comes from the social we want to put it into the park.

• Socials: was pushed to the community business.

• The leaders for the public safety, youth empowerment, and community development were absent.

Community Business

The South Atlanta Southern Fried Kickball Tournament is THIS Saturday. Chosewood, Pittsburg, Lakewood Heights, A-Tow, and Community Grounds are all participating. It will be held on the baseball fields at Carver High School. Concessions will be sold.

Chris McCord reviewed the new sanitation schedule. As of August 1st sanitation will be picked up on Tuesday. Community Forum Chris reminded the body of the upcoming NPU-Y meeting and encouraged everyone to attend the kickball tournament.

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