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August 2011 Meeting Minutes

August 4, 2011

August 1, 2011

Russell welcomed everyone to the meeting at 6:40 PM and called for a moment of silence.

Community Pride

Russell asked Fran to speak on the recent 1st annual Southern Fried Kickin’ Kickball Tournament. Fran reported that we had 80 adults participate on a total of 7 teams with an estimated 30-50 onlookers/cheer leaders throughout the day. Everyone ended the day looking forward to the next tournament – which will be held either in the Fall or Spring. The tournament raised $600 – and are looking to use the funds for other social events. Photos of the event are on the South Atlanta Civic League Facebook page.

The minutes from the August SACL meeting were read. Rakestraw moved to accept the minutes as written. The motion was seconded and passed.

Community Reports

Police Representatives – Officer Browning reported that Lt. Sheffield has been moved to properties. Lt. Mormon will attend future meetings. The stats were not available due to the meeting falling on the 1st of the month. Officer Browning will see that the crime stats get emailed to Russell.  She reported to have good leads on both the Lakewood shooting, as well as 187 Moury homicide. She also reported that the main problem crime wise seems to be with property and copper thieves. Someone on Brown Avenue saw a suspect loading his vehicle with copper. The Brown resident called 911 and followed the suspect to Green Recycling. The suspect had left by the time the police arrived, though thanks to the detailed description by the Brown Avenue resident he was caught. Unfortunately the police were not able to ascertain where the copper came from and due to strict property owner laws were therefore not able to press charges off copper theft.

Hints from Officer Browning:

  • If you have an a/c unit spray paint the coils. Mark your copper, so that the police can trace it back to your property.
  • Dodge vehicles need to especially be secured – suggested a bar for the steering wheel or a cap for the battery that can turn the battery on or off.
  • The State has to come up with a law to help the police hold recycling centers accountable for taking stolen copper.
  • “Clean Car Campaign” – take EVERYTHING out of your car.
  • Banishment – has to be included in sentencing of criminals. Talk to the prosecutor about including this.

A comment was raised on the floor about how many cars had been broken into on Bisbee, but calls were not made to 911 as residents didn’t think the police would respond.

Local Elected Officials –  Sheryl Bennett with Carla Smith’s office got up to speak. She praised the recent kickball tournament and our efforts to spread the word out to our community and surrounding communities. She promised to have Carla Smith’s office help spread the word about the upcoming festival. She also wanted to make sure that everyone knew that August 2nd (Tuesday) was the going to be sanitation day.

As a neighbor, Sheryl Bennett wanted to let the SACL know that there is a lot working against the police.  Due to the strict law, the police have to have the property owner information to file a report. We need to make sure we give the police all the information we can get. Also need to consider lobbying the state government to change laws. She recommended researching the laws that were set in place to hold pawnshops accountable.  She said that the neighborhood lobbying – everyone getting mad – would definitely help the efforts.

Community Reports

  • Beautification – Jeff reported that he would be having an informational meeting on Friends of the Park for the South Atlanta Park at Community Grounds August 13th at 10 am. Chris reported that there will be at least one more August clean up with a dumpster. Chris also encouraged gardeners to check out the Kimpson Community Garden on Thirkield Avenue.
  • Public Safety – Jason reported that due to personal reasons he needed to step down as the head of the committee. Russell thanked him and said he knew the community could still count on Jason for help; he then asked the body if anyone desired to lead the committee.
  • Youth Empowerment – Mandi was not at the meeing.
  • Socials – Kristi reported on the upcoming South Atlanta Social to be held on October 22nd at the South Atlanta Park. She distributed fliers with information, as well as with t-shirt designs. Fran also reported that other social ideas were in the works – including a progressive dinner party, South Atlanta at the drive-in, and a holiday dinner party. Katie reported on the 2nd annual street treat. She asked for volunteers.
  • Community Development – Russell reported on an opportunity for South Atlanta to have a boot camp in the park on Saturday mornings at 10 am starting in September.

Community Business

Jeremy Crute presented his South Atlanta GIS project.

Community Forum

Ina Williams made an announcement about an after-school Art & Cultural Program at Southbend Park. Contact for more information.

Cathy Taylor reported on an upcoming crime prevention workshop. She also reported that keep our post office from closing that we will need to a community wide petition and turn it into Post Office in DC.

Ms. Mary Porter reported on the South Atlanta Study Hall which starts back September 6th. It is held every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-5:30 PM.

Russell introduced Katherine Hankins and Andy Walter as the professors who partnered with Charis Community Housing to oversee Jeremy Crute’s project. He opened up the floor to questions and comments on the GIS Map of South Atlanta.

Russell asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. A motion was made, seconded and passed. The meeting ended at 8:06 PM.

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