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June 2011 Meeting Minutes

June 22, 2011

South Atlanta Civic League

June 6, 2011

Russell called the meeting to order at 6:40 PM and welcomed everyone in attendance. Russell started the meeting with a moment of reflection and then introduced the executive committee: Russell Hopson (President), Josh Noblitt (Vice President), Chris McCord ( Treasurer), Katie Delp (Secretary), Christy Norwood (Assistant Secretary), and Fran Carroll (Parliamentarian).

Community Pride

Russell Hopson opened the floor to residents sharing moments of community pride. Be ready to share next month too… (1.) Russell shared about the mural project. He was encouraged to see neighbors rising to meet the challenges that keep coming up against the mural project. We are close to reaching our goal of having the largest individual piece of artwork in the city of Atlanta. (2.) Josh shared that his excitement about the drug house on his street FINALLY being closed down after months of complaints to the police.

Community Reports

Lt. Sheffield reported that Cowboy will be banished form South Atlanta when he is released from jail. He also reported that a nearby city pool had been hit by copper thieves. The park department is at working trying to fix it. Good news – a big arrest of a copper thieve on Milton Avenue. He also reported on a car jacking of an employee at the Arthur Langford Center; the car jacker was arrested in the victim’s car. The police are looking into his connection with other crimes.

Lt. Browning reported on the Moury drug investigation and arrest at 8 Moury. The house was fortified with a surveillance system. A 2 year old girl was there; she is now with her grandmother. Lt. Browning also reported that vice has been in zone 3. Vice made 45 arrests this past month – most on Lakewood and Jonesboro.

Leroy asked the police if the word had gotten out to the police about the mural project. Lt. Browning said that she has sent out 2 emails and put out a radio announcement. Lt. Sheffield handed Leroy a business card to give to the muralist that they can show any police officer who does bother them.

Jackie Walker reported that suspicious activity has started back up at the Marcy Street apartments. In particular. There is a big guy on a 4 wheeler who drives up and down Jonesboro from the apartment to fancy cars.

Russell thanked Sheffield and Browning for their time and efforts.

No elected officials were present to give a report.

Committee Reports

1. Beautification: Chris McCord reported that Thayer Avenue hosted their own street clean up. He encouraged others to do the same and to see him if they wanted to use the SACL equipment. He announced that a dumpster will be located at the back of the Marketplace at 1297 Jonesboro Road on June 10-11 and residents can use it to dump their junk. He also announced that residents can take from the mulch pile that sits at the corner of the Jonesboro parking lot.

2. Public Safety: Jason Timbert was absent. Geri reported that a tree blocking Bisbee was going to be removed.

3. Youth Empowerment: Mandi Giles announced they committee didn’t have anything to report, but would be meeting next week.

4. Socials: Fran reported that she would be sharing on the kickball tournament later in the meeting. Kristi Wood reported on the SA Social tentatively planned for October 8th. The kickball tournament will be used to raised funds for the social. The committee put in a grant request Friday with Community Foundation. The grant could get at up to $10,000. The planning committee is being split into different committees and requested people sign up on sheets.  Committees with leaders: (1) 3-on-3 bball tournament – Rebecca Dehart. (2) Fundraising & Sponsorship – ?. (3) Vending & Artists – Katie Delp. (4) Music – Carrie Amestoy – looking for local artists. (5) Kids Area – Tanisha Corporal. (6) Clean Up – Chris McCord. (7) Beer Sales – ?. (8) Volunteers – ?. (9) Marketing – Kristi Wood.

5. Community Development: Russell is working on getting a report done.

Community Business

Ms. Walker with the APD gave a ‘Neighborhood Safety Reminder’ as we head into summer months which often come with an increase in crime.

She reported that the #1 crime in the world is larceny – of that auto larceny. She said one should NEVER leave anything in one’s car. It takes less than 30 seconds for an amateur to break into a car.

The BEST thing to do when confronted is to throw your items down and run the opposite way. NEVER get into the car. Do whatever you have to do to not get into the car – including throwing yourself down and become dead weight.

Home Invasions are ARMED robbery. This is a high felony. This is given immediate attention by 911 dispatchers. Ways to avoid home invasions: key pinning windows; wooden screws in doors; barking dogs; noisy neighbors; alarm system. Do NOT leave items on the porch. Look for landscaping trucks – these are often stolen and used to rob houses.

Drew Swope gave an update on the progress of establishing neighborhood watches in South Atlanta and invited other streets to start watches. Currently we have NW’s on Gammon, Martin, Thirkield and Brown. Neighbors have each other’s contact information. Captains check the neighborhood crime report each month and reach out to those who have been victimized. It’s simple to start a NW – it just requires going up and down the street a couple of times gathering information, as well as a couple of meetings.

Fran reported on the South Atlanta Kickball Tournament = the South Atlanta Southern Fried Kickball Tournament. She passed around 2 sign up sheets – one for being captain and one just for playing. She reported that we need at least 4 teams. The cost to sign up is $10, but that includes the tournament tshirt. The teams must be co-ed. Tentatively looking at June 16th to play. Going to the NPU-Y meeting to extend the challenge to other neighborhoods. Socials and Youth Empowerment Committees will be working together to set this up. Fran concluded by saying that the socials committee hopes to make this an annual event and that Ms. Jackie Walker will be selling concessions to raise money for the South Atlanta Social.

Katie Delp reported on the new SACL meeting reminder signs. 20 signs will be placed around the neighborhood the Friday before the meeting and picked up the following Tuesday. She asked for volunteers and said she would send out an email reminder.

Community Forum

Kerry and Mike reported on an upcoming FCS volunteer project in the neighborhood on June 10-11 and asked if there were any specific sites people would like to get picked up.

Fran reported on the neighborhood directory.

Russell closed the meeting. Leroy motioned to adjourn. Josh seconded the motion.

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