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April 2011 Meeting Minutes

April 6, 2011

South Atlanta Civic League

April 4, 2011  Minutes

 Russell welcomed everyone to the meeting. He introduced the members of the SACL executive committee and then held a moment of silence.

 Community Pride

1. Green My Hood event on March 12th was successful with much accomplished thanks to neighbors and Bridge Church. Accomplished: painted J store, primed mural portion of A-Tow wall, picked up tires, and cleared brush on Park Avenue, prepared community garden for start of 2011, and put in new benches around the community. Russell explained that he will send the Bridge Church a thank you letter and will email out a draft to neighbors for feedback.

 2. Andrej shared that the Bike Shop appeared on the 5 o’clock news on Channel 2 WSB. The police are continuing to volunteer. The police are bringing over 40 bikes. He is seeing trust being built between the youth and police.

 Community Reports

Police Report.

Encouraged to see increased unity. All crime bad, but we did relatively well this past month. A question was asked about why we were told to report drug activity to 911, but 911 was saying we shouldn’t be calling the information into them. Should we keep calling 911? Lt. Browning introduced herself at this point as our new Zone 3 Suppression Commander. She said that we should call in drug activity to 911 to get it documented, but then to also call it into her. The police under her do not answer to 911 calls, but rather go to where there is an issue with crime. Her cell phone number is 404.617.7950, and her email address is  Another resident explained that Carver students have moved from park to Gammon and Marcy. Lt. Browning said she is the one who needs to know that. Another resident reported that the youth have been hanging out around the Bethlehem Center between 3-7 PM and causing problems. Russell thanked the police and requested for the sake of time for the police to take any other concerns privately at the back of the room.

 Local Elected Officials Report.

Sheryl Bennett reminded everyone to grab and pass out flyers for Carla Smith’s Earth Day activities. She also said she was encouraged by the packed room and excited about the increased show of unity.

 Committee Reports.

COMING SOON… next month after the committees hold their first meetings. J

Community Business

Leah Van Tassel stood up to announce that the community garden on Thirkield would kick off this coming Saturday at 10 AM. Lots were available for individuals, groups, or co-ops. The lots were available free of charge, but for a commitment that includes weeding once a month.

Community Forum

The owner of 1518 Jonesboro stood up to encourage residents to shop at the super market and lingerie store. He also said he soon will be opening a beauty shop. A resident addressed concern over the ‘rough signage’ saying that if he improved his signage and changed his wording he would increase his customers.

Katie Delp stood up to introduce the new code enforcement campaign being headed up by the executive committee. Four houses properties in despicable conditions were chosen to be highlighted this month. Code worksheets were created for each property and copies were made for everyone to sign.  These worksheets will be faxed into code enforcement every day this month by different individuals. One packet was passed around to be signed by everyone and will be mailed to elected officials. Two residents requested two other houses be added to the list next month – the cement block house on Marcy as well as the one at 1587 Jonesboro.

Cathy Taylor is the new NPU-Y public safety officer.

Kristi Wood and Carrie Amestoy stood up to announce the return of the South Atlanta Festival. Hope to use it as a fundraiser for the park, as well as an opportunity to get our name out to the rest of the city. They will need planning it, as well as with raising funds to host the festival. Russell Hopson said that this fit great with the Socials and Fundraising Committee.

Valerie Sellers expressed her concerns with the  neighborhood not having anything for our high school youth. Russell encouraged those with that passions and work with others in the Youth Empowerment Committee.

Russell reviewed the dates to be remembered.

1. Saturday, April 23rd

8:45 AM – District 1 Tire Clean Up – meet at Community Grounds.

1 PM – South Atlanta Easter Egg Hunt – meet at the South Atlanta Marketplace.

3 PM – 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament – meet at the South Atlanta Park.

2. Monday, April 18th

7 PM – NPU-Y meeting at the John Birdine Neighborhood Center.

3. May 7th

Senior Appreciation Day at the Bethlehem Center


Street vs. Street Kick Ball Competition

Jeff Delp announced that the South Atlanta T-Ball team also would be playing April 23rd at the YMCA on Pryor. The time had yet to be announced.

Kristi Wood announced that the Weiner Fest on Gammon Avenue would be May 28th. All are welcome.

Russell encouraged neighbors to sign up on the South Atlanta i-neighbor page.

Russell closed the meeting and announced that it was time to break into committees. Josh explained that the committees were to pick a date for a future meeting (before the 4th Monday of the month, so they could report back to the executive committee) and to discuss the issues to be addressed by future meetings.

Russell quickly introduced Teri – the owner of Sweet Potato in Lakewood. Teri had brought snacks for the meeting. She introduced herself and her restaurant to the members; she also welcomed residents to post community services and welcome packets at the store.

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