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March 2011 Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2011

South Atlanta Civic League: Minutes

March 7, 2011

Russell Hopson called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM. He introduced the new agenda.

Community Pride

Andrej stood up and started telling us about how this week he was riding his adult tri-cycle with his son standing up in the basket behind him when he was pulled over by a police officer. The police officer asked if he was the one running the Bikeshop for neighborhood kids. Andrej said yes, and then the police officer proceeded to tell him about six kids in the neighborhood that he knew that were always trying to work on their bikes, but who didn’t have the property tools or equipment. When Andrej told him he would need another volunteer to be able to take on six more kids, the police officer immediately told him he could be there to volunteer on Monday afternoon and would even use a police van to pick up the boys and bring them to the Bikeshop.

Community Reports

Lt. Shiffield presented the crime report. He reported that undercover cops had been out to investigate the problem properties on Lansing and Moury, but that they hadn’t seen enough action to give them probable cause. The police are not stopping their investigation, but they would appreciate any further help and information that neighbors could provide. It was reported by members of the community that while they saw activity all day long, they especially saw activity between 6 and 8 PM. Lt. Shiffield also reported that there was still issue with robberies though the number had gone down this past month. Goolsby Mortuary had been robbed. He reported on issues that the Villages of Carver was having and warned of potential spill over into South Atlanta. The Villages of Carver had two men pull guns on security officers. They also were seeing gang-like activity with tagging ‘FBB’ (FBB Carver or FBB Bird Gang), and he asked people to call the police if they saw any such tagging start to appear in South Atlanta.

Community Business

Russell introduced the new committee structure. Josh informed the members present that the executive committee had used the neighborhood dreaming that the SACL had done during our Christmas meeting to come up with the committees.

  1. Beautification (parks, clean ups, community garden)
  2. Public Safety (police, crime, code enforcement, community watch, community education)
  3. Youth Empowerment (bikeshop, after-shool tutoring, football tournament)
  4. Socials and Fundraising (to raise money to cover expenses outside of operations – including Thanksgiving giftcards for Senior Citizens)
  5. Community Development (Beltline, local business partnerships)

Josh clarified the commitment level and explained that we are just asking members to commit to 1-2 hours/month; to report back to the SACL at each monthly meeting about what they had accomplished and what they planned to accomplish; as well as to 2-3 initiatives/year.

Katie Delp explained that she had sign-up sheets at the front table and asked people to sign up after the meeting adjourned. She also asked people to designate if they would be interested in heading up a committee. (Committees are still open to members. Please email Katie Delp at if you are interested.)

Russel pointed out the important numbers that are available on the agenda. Andrej informed everyone that more detailed numbers also are available on the SACL website.

Community Forum

Leroy reported on the re-scheduled (due to rain last Saturday) Green My Hood volunteer day. We will begin to prime what will be the largest mural in the City of Atlanta. There also will be various landscaping and tire clean up teams. Breakfast (donuts and coffee) will be available THIS Saturday at 8:30 AM at Community Grounds Coffee Shop. Lunch also will be provided. Please show up and outnumber the volunteers that will be joining us. J

Leroy reported that the mural will cost us money, so this Saturday from 6-8 PM there will be a reception for donors and sponsors. For a $50-100 donation you can get your name on the wall. Come on out!

Andrej reported on i-neighbors. It’s a great place to post announcements and questions. Also puts you the user in control, as you sign up for it and you both choose to get it all in one weekly email and to unsubscribe when you move out. The SACL will continue with emails until everyone is signed up on i-neighbors. He will bring a laptop to the next meeting to help people sign up. We also are working on creating a phone list to connect those who do not have internet. Jeff requested the web address and i-neighbor address be listed on future agendas.

Carrie reported that she will help neighbors appeal their taxes, as they should be lowered. We will meet at the Bethlehem Center Tuesday March 15th at 7 PM, as the paperwork must be completed by April 1st. She will go with people to the board of equalization to help them appeal.

Maureen reported on drainage issues on Turman Avenue. Russell told her to call Watershed and said he too would call if they need more people.

Donna reported on the summer camp that she runs every year. Next month they will open up applications for new youth. It only costs parents $25 to send them for the whole summer.

Jeff Delp told everyone that he has enrolled a T-Ball Team for 4-6 year olds at the YMCA. He has 4-6 spots still open. Costs $23-30/kid. He’ll let the SACL know about upcoming games.

 Russell told the body to look at the Calendar for upcoming events and encouraged everyone present to pay their dues.

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